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The Wine Road

The Wine Road is reissuing on an older segment of a wine route used by the Romans, who crossed Europe. It goes through the famous vineyards of the county and includes stops in mansions, royal courts and monasteries.


We invite you to experience the The Wine Road in Prahova, to visit the Dealu Mare Vineyard, called  "Red  Wines Homeland", because the climate is very good for red wines. One of the most famous wines from this area is Fetească Neagra, called the "Ambassador of Romanian wines" because of its special qualities and international recognition.







Why visit "The Wine Road"? 



  • You will have here a most enjoyable experience in the "Red wine homeland"


  • You will have here the unique opportunity of tasting the famous Feteasca Neagră variety and other best red wines of Romania


  • You will meet here the history on the European wine road built by the Romans 2.000 years ago.


  • You can also "taste" the authentic Romanian civilization by visiting the medieval monasteries, mansions and wine museums.


  • You can find out the wine story right where it arises from


  • You can take home,as souvenirs from the wine shops, the wines you like best on your tour.


Where will you go?

  • In the Dealu Mare vineyard from Valea Călugărească to Tohani, in Prahova County, Romania,
  • on the same latitude as Bordeaux region, in France.


When will you go?

  • from March to October


How will you go?

  • Booking a package from our partner agencies or at the partner hotel reception.


What will you experience?

The proposal that we are doing at the moment includes visiting:

  • wine cellars:  Tohani Domains, Budureasca Winery,  SERVE Winery,  Rotenberg Winery,  Dealu Mare Urlaţi Domains, Basilescu Winery, Urlateanu Mansion, ICDVV or the restaurants with wine cellar:  Seciu House and the Guesthouse Fetească Neagra.


  • tourist objectives: Belu Mansion Museum, Varbilau Monastery, Jercălăi Monastery, Cellar 1777 Museum and Zamfira Monastery.

The visits to wineries are made generally with an advance reservation for at least two days and a minimum of 6-15 people, depending on the winery.


To a visit on the The Wine Road We suggest you to choose an experience of:

  1. A day (see the offer here)
  2. Half a day (see here)
  3. Two days (see here )

The Wine Road brochure here.

Other information about The Wine Road you can find here.

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