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Cricovul Sărat Valley

The Cricovului Valley is known for wine tastings on the Wine Route and Romanian history traces on the Voivodes Road.


If you get in the area do not miss:


  • to taste Feteasca Neagra, "the ambassador of the Romanian Wines", in one of the cellars from the Wine Road


  • The Ruins of the Cantacuzino Palace - 1911-1913, inspired by the architecture of the Petit Trianon from France, at Floreşti


  • To take pictures of the rock Tohani


  • The Varbila Monastery (XVI century), the place where the great voivode Michael the Brave went ahead to accomplish the Great Union in 1600, located in the village Iordăcheanu, near Urlaţi


  • The Jercălăi monastery, which houses the hermitage St. Mary-Cricov of Jercălăi with the wooden church St. Michael and Gabriel (1731), moved, which is the former royal chapel from the Bran Castle, located in the village Iordăcheanu, near Urlaţi


  • The 1777 Wine Museum which reconstructs an old cellar with the tools used in 1777 for grapes and turning them into wine located in Valea Călugărească


  • The Turnu monastery (1461) built by Vlad Ţepeş (called Dracula), is in Târgşoru Vechi


  • To visit the archaeological reservation Târgşoru Vechi


  • The Matac Mansion (1901), which was used in 1984 for shooting several frames from the movie "The Secret of Bacchus", located in Valea Călugărească


  • The Zoo from Bucov


  • To practice aeronautical sports at the airfields Stejnic or Şirna


  • To ride the bike on the Wine Road


  • Horse riding at Potigrafu or Ploiesti


  • To play polo and golf at Potigrafu


  • Trying the motocross and enduro track from Potigrafu


  • To go fishing at Bucov

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