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Mountainbike and cycling

If you love cycling, you can approach mountain trails in the mountains Bucegi, Baiului and Ciucaş on touristic routes and forest roads. 


Some recommendations for trails and beyond are:


  • Azuga (970m) – Valea Azugii (1140m) – Valea Limbăşelului (1280 m) – Azuga (970m) (length 28 km, 320m bump, lasting 4-5 hours);
  • Azuga (970m) - Culmea Soricăi (1539m) - Vârful Baiu (1850m) – Poiana Ţapului (860m) – Buşteni – Zamora (950m) – Azuga-Spital (905m) – Azuga (970m) (length 26 km, 945m bump, lasting 4-5 hours);
  • Azuga (970m) – Buşteni (885m) – Cabana Babele (2200m) – Cabana Piatra Arsă (1950m) – Cabana Cuibul Dorului (1160m) – Sinaia (900m) – Azuga (970m) (length 42km, denivelare1230m, lasting 5-6 hours);
  • Breaza (530m) – Plaiul Talea (760m) – Vârful Bolovanu (800m) – Adunaţi (520m) – Breaza (530m) (length 23 km, 270m bump, duration 5 hours);
  • Cornu de Jos (400m) – Baraj Paltinu (600m) – Teşila (700m) – Secăria (1100m) – Cornu de Sus (600m) – Cornu de Jos (400m)(Length 50km, 700m bump, lasting 6-7 hours);
  • Cornu (400m) – Telega (435m) – Mănăstirea Brebu (510m) – Cornu (400m) (length 30km, 110m bump, duration 4 hours);
  • Vălenii de Munte (400m) – Ceraşu (680m) – Slon (756m) – Vălenii de Munte (400m) (length 46km, 356m bump, lasting 5-6 hours);
  • Cheia (900m) – Cabana Muntele Roşu (1260m) – Valea Berii (1100m) – Cheia (900m) (length 21km, 360m bump, lasting 3 ½ - 4 ½ hours).




Another proposal for cycling can be the Wine Road from Dealu Mare vineyard. In this route you can visit wineries both in Prahova county, but also in Buzau. The route may start from Ghighiu, passing by the monastery Ciolanu then among the vineyards and the hills of Seciu, Urlaţi, Ceptura, Tohani, Năeni, Săhăteni, Pietroasele, Merei and Sărata Monteoru ( more details you can find on




The 12 rules of safe cycling in the city and on the roads :

Before you climb into the saddle on the bike, it would be good to verify that it fulfills as many elementary conditions of the safe pedaling:

  • Do you have a good physical condition to pedal?
  • Are you able to pedal?
  • Have you checked the bike before you travel (brakes, tires, pedals)?
  • Are you ready to react to surprises in traffic?
  • Do not ever go on the bike with the cell phone;
  • Respect the Highway Code and the laws in force;
  • Look at what happens behind the bike (using the mirror);
  • Keep sufficient lateral space (do not crowd the curb);
  • Keep the minimum legal distance towards the vehicles in front of you;
  • Look around and be aware of what is happening;
  • Look for a  distance as big as possible in front of you;
  • Try to make yourself seen and understood in advance.



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