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In Prahova, due to climatic conditions, natural deposits, the bases of treatment and medical specialists, you can treat for many diseases:


  • Dermatology / Allergy: Breaza, Sinaia, Slănic
  • Endocrinology: Breaza, Sinaia
  • Gynecology: Slănic
  • Nutrition and metabolism: Azuga, Breaza, Busteni, Cheia, Sinaia
  • Nervous System: Azuga, Breaza, Logs, Key, Cornu, Sinaia
  • Cardiovascular Breaza, Sinaia
  • Rheumatism: Sinaia, Slănic
  • Peripheral nervous system: Sinaia
  • Respiratory and ENT: Breaza, Cornu, Campina, Cheia, Slănic 


In Sinaia, Slanic, Breaza and Cornu you find specialized treatment centers to improve health.


In Sinaia at Hotel Mara *** you can choose for: bubble baths with fir essence (hydroxeur), fir essence baths, herbal baths, galvanic baths, underwater shower, affusion alternative, segmental massage, regional massage, total massage , electroplating, ion, diadynamic, Trabert, voltage, current, interferential, short wave, ultrasonic, magnetic, ultraviolet, kinesiology (CFM), solux, aerosols, laser therapy, counseling psychotherapy.


In Slănic the main therapy complex is at the Slănic Hotel **, where depending on your condition you can try: aerosol, electrotherapy (MDF, HF, ultrasound, infrared and ultraviolet, microwave), respiratory physiotherapy, masatoterapie, balneotherapy (saline lakes, pools, hot baths rooms chlorosodic, plant and massage shower rooms, giant shower, Scottish shower), thermotherapy (mud, paraffin, parafango) hydrokinetotherapy and individual and collective physical therapy, low and medium frequency electrotherapy analgesic and electrostimulation (electroplating simple ionization, galvanic baths, dynamic currents, Trabert currents, Huffshmidt currents) and high frequency electrotherapy - shortwave, ultra-sounds, microwave; magnetic therapy, phototherapy; laser treatment; massage therapy.



At the complex Baia Rosie *** in Slănic you find a saltwater pool for rheumatologic diseases.

Also, if you have gynecological issues, we recommend you Baia Porcilor.


At the CTN Alexandra *** in Breaza you can choose complete treatments: phytotherapy and gemoterapie, aromatherapy, diet therapy, recovery; balneofiziotherapy: hydrotherapy (sauna baths), massage and reflexology, fitness, electrotherapy (including laser), spirulina wraps living aerotherapy; Cosmetics and grooming, thermography.


At Bali SPA **** in Cornu you can do treatments for weight loss, detoxification, rejuvenation and beauty.

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