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10 Reasons to Visit Prahova

  • PELEŞ CASTLE -  one of the top 10 most beautiful castles in the world, used to be the summer residence of the Romanian dynasty, between the 19th and the 20th century (French daily "Le Figaro", 2010).


  • THE SPHINX - the energy center of the Carpathian mountains. It has the same height with the one in Egypt (8m) and has resemblances with the statue of Zeus found in Italy.


  • THE CARAIMAN CROSS -  the tallest metal structure ever located in a mountain area at 2291m altitude (28m height) (Guinness Book of World Records, 2014).


  • SLĂNIC SALT MINE - the largest salt extraction area in Europe - surface: 78,000 sqm; 14 rooms, 50 m high.


  • IULIA HAŞDEU CASTLE - The Spiritualist Temple at the foot of the Carpathians.


  • THE WINE ROAD - The "Dealul Mare" Vineyard resembling the Bordeaux area - "The Red Wine Country" where you can taste Feteasca Neagră variety, “ Ambassador of Romanian Wines”.


  • BABELE - (The old ladies) the nature-made stone statues of the Bucegi reserve in the Carpathian mountains.


  • SKI RESORTS PRAHOVA VALLEY - the top destination for winter sports in Romania.


  • THE RUINS OF THE CANTACUZINO PALACE FROM FLOREŞTI - 1911-1913 - inspired from Petite Trianon Palace.


  • CAŞCAVEL FESTIVAL – Valea Doftanei - held each year in September - traditional products: caşcavea (cheese type), bulz (polenta with cheese), mutton pastrami, ţuică (plum-based spirit) and wine.

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