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The Nichita Stanescu Memorial Museum

The Nichita  Stanescu  Memorial  Museum presents "Nichita phenomenon" in the space where he was born, grew up and was educated as a man and as a poet. The bedroom, the office, the living room and the kitchen are reminiscent of Nini child and adolescent life, as it was spoiled in the family.


The Nichita Stănescu Memorial Museum in Ploiești, department of the Prahova County Museum of History and Archaeology, was inaugurated on December 13, 2002 in the house in which the poet spent his childhood and adolescence. The permanent exhibition recreates the space in which the Fair Angel formed as a human and poet: the bedroom, the office, the living room and the kitchen along with objects and pieces of furniture that belong to the Stănescu family. The exhibits from the library and the documentary room present the personality of Nichita and his place in the context of Romanian and universal literature: books with dedications, autographs, the awards that testify his value as a national and international poet, photographs, posthumous works and different personal objects.


There are exposed his opera published during his lifetime (books with dedications, autographs offered to family and friends), awards that have recognized his value as a national poet (degrees awarded by the Writers' Union of Romania and the Romanian Academy)and as an international one (Prize for the youngest poet - Struga 1965, Gottfried von Herder Patent Medal -1976 Grand Prix "Golden Wreath" the Struga Poetry evenings - 1982).Unique manuscripts (the poem "Quadriga", the first international recognition of the poet -1965), original documents(the extract from the Registry Book for births in 1933, the ID card as the head of the rubric "Literary Gazette"- 1957), photographs,evocative documents of his activity as a numismatist (Diploma of Honor Society coins, medals), the poet's posthumous opera and various personal items completes his image as a man and as a poet.

The B wing of the museum houses a multipurpose room designed for public manifestations: symposia, debates, film screenings, exhibitions.


Address: Ploieşti, Str. Nichita Stănescu, no. 1, Prahova (is here)

Phone number: 0344.100.768




Visiting hours: Tuesday - Sunday 9:00-17:00


Visiting costs: 

  • adults 8 Lei

  • pensioners - 4 lei

  • children, students - 2lei

  • guide - 5 lei / hour - requesting individual visitors, free - for a minimum of 10 visitors

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