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The History and Archaeology Museum

The History and Archeology Museum in Ploiești, department of the Prahova County Museum of History and Archeology, operates since 1970 in the building designed in a neoclassical style by the architect Alexandru Orăscu and built between 1865 - 1867. The permanent exhibition harnesses the museum’s heritage and individualizes pages of Prahova County history in the context of national identity evolution through themes like: Prahova archaeology, Mihai Viteazul and Ploiești, numismatic offices and medals, bibliophile values, the Forty-eighters and the Little Union, philately and deltiology, the Monarchy and the Great Union and the lapidarium.


At the ground floor, it can be found the Mihai Viteazul room, which houses the remains concerning the beginnings of Ploiesti as an urban settlements, time closely linked to the reign of the great voivode Mihai Viteazul - the city ​​founder, but also Prahova Archaeology Room, which hosts the discoveries of the 150 years of archaeological research.


Upstairs  is where the numismatics cabinet can be found, exhibiting an impressive collection of coinsillustrating the phenomenon of monetary circulation from its inception until modern times. Counterpart of this room is the cabinet of medals which gathers medals, orders and decorations Romanian and foreign from the collections of our institution.


In the first room of the first floor, it has been newly designed an exhibition showing the main events of the 19th century, beginning with the revolutionary movement from 1848, the Romanian Principalities Union Monument from 1859, the struggle for independence in 1877.


Cultural and daily life in the modern period are presented in the room dedicated for the writer I. A. Bassarabescu and interwar period in Prahova.


An impressive collection of stamps and postcards is exhibited in the Hall "Philately and cartofilie" with documents, paintings and clothing items relevant to the evolution of Romanian post.


In the south wing, the last two rooms from the visiting circuit are allocated to the "History prahovean sports",  personalities (IlieOana, Leonard Doroftei) and Prahova clubs.


The useum upstairs hallways are decorated with groups of Mini-exhibitions: medieval and modern ornaments, paintings of the painter NicolaeGrigorescu, weapons and, last but not least, two medieval monoxileand the moment dedicated to the founder of Prahova museums, Prof. NicolaeSimache.


On the outside, the entrance of the museum is surrounded by statues of Saints 'Peter and Paul', the Gymnasium patrons that functioned here since 1868.


In the courtyard in front of the museum, to create an evocative environment, were placed busts of the Romanian domnitori(Romanian leaders):Mircea cel Bătrân, Vlad Ţepeş, Mihai Viteazul and Alexandru Ioan Cuza, great personalities of national history closely linked to the history of Ploiesti and Prahova county.


Address: Ploieşti, Str. Toma Caragiu, no. 10, Prahova (is here)

Phone number:  0244.521.547, 0244.522.656



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Visiting hours: Tuesday - Sunday 9:00-17:00


Visiting costs:

  • adults 12 Lei

  • pensioners - 6 lei

  • children, students - 4 lei

  • guide - 25 lei / hour - requesting individual visitors, free - for a minimum of 10 visitors

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