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The National Oil Museum

The National Oil Museum, inaugurated on October 8, 1961 as a result of the centenary celebration of the Romanian oil industry in 1957, is the only museum of its kind in Romania and is hosted by a beautiful building that allowed the arrangement of some rooms and with a courtyard that has been converted into an outdoors exhibition. 

The museum houses more than 8,000 exhibits of high historical and documentary interest:

  • hecnă (some kind of large bucket), driven by horses;
  • the model of the first mechanical drilling rigs used in Romania;
  • themodel of the "gas factory" from 1856, of Mehedinteanu brothers from the Rafov barrier;
  • tools and miner lamps from the 19th century; oil lamps in Bucharest - the first city in the world illuminated by oil in 1859;
  • drilling equipment made ​​of wood or metal from the 19th century;
  • panels exemplifying the selective solventation system with sulfur dioxide.
  • the history of parrafin, oil, gasoline production;
  • geological maps,mineralogical samples,certificates,medals,photographs belonging to persons in the field:Gregoriu Ştefănescu, Grigore Cobălcescu, Ludovic Mrazec, Valeriu Patriciu, Ion Tănăsescu, Virgiliu Tacit, Ion Basgan, Andrei Dragulănescu, Lazăr Edeleanu, Nicolae Debie.


Address: Ploieşti, Str. Dr. Bagdasar, nr. 8, Prahova (is here)

Phone number: 0244.597.585, 0371.400.670

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Visiting hours: Thuesday - Sunday 9:00-17:00


Visiting costs: 

  • Adults 6 Lei
  • Group 4 Lei

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