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The Nicolae Simache Clock Museum

The Nicolae Simache Clock Museum in Ploiești, department of the Prahova County Museum of History and Archeology, bears since 1997 the name of its spiritual mentor, professor Nicolae Simache, who in 1963 created the only clock museum in Romania. Unique even to this day, the museum functions since 1971 in the building, which is an architectural monument (1890), that belonged to the magistrate and prefect Luca Elefterescu. The permanent exhibition illustrates the evolution of time measuring devices from the 16th century to the 19th century, the artistic, technical and memorial valences of the devices in a pre-war ambient correlated with contemporary interactive applications.


The museum has a collection has nearly 1,000 pieces (only partially exposed), including: sundial,apendulum built of wood in 1634, a clock set in motion by a waterfall (London, 1654), first pocket watch ("Nürnberg egg"), tower clocks, a piece from 1693 (achievement of the watchmaker Ralf Gout), the wristwatch of Courvoisier built in the same year (with the effigy of Louis XIVth), pieces made by Londoners masters George Prior London, Edward Prior, Th. White, George Clarke, Markwick, Markham, Jo Wightman, Van Laure, by French watchmakers (Benjamin Balber, George Charle, Mauron), Austrians (Philipp Jakob, Beyer), or Swiss(Pres Vaucher, A. Hess).


Here can be seen watches with musical mechanism that plays Marseillaise, Desteapta-te, romane! (Romanian national anthem), or Strauss waltzes.There are presented watches that belonged to personalities( Constantin Brâncoveanu , Al. I. Cuza , Mihail Kogălniceanu , Cezar Bolliac , B.P. Haşdeu , Theodor Aman , I.L. Caragiale , Duiliu Zamfirescu , Ioan A. Bassarabescu etc.),fun watches (of the miller, blacksmith, barber, cat, etc..) watches with various indications during off hours, and other objects related to the theme.


Address: Ploieşti, Str. Nicolae Simache, nro 1, Prahova County (is here)

Phone number:   0244.542.861


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Visiting hours: Thuesday-Sunday 9:00-17:00


Visiting costs:

  • Adults 12 Lei

  • pensioners - 6 lei

  • children, students - 4 lei

  • guide - 25 lei / hour - requesting individual visitors, free - for a minimum of 10 visitors

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