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Teleajenului Valley

The Teleajen Valley is known for its traditions and traditional products, but also for relaxation in the mountain area, at the saline or in the hill area,  amongst fruit trees,  on the Fruit Road


If you get in the area do not miss:


  • Saltworks from Slănic, the biggest saline in Europe, located in Slănic


  • The National Missionary School Queen Mary with the Religious Art Museum, the Memorial Museum Nicolae Iorga, the Museum of Ethnography of the Teleajenului Valley, which will help you to enter into the atmosphere of the place and see what concerns people of the Teleajenului Valley had and still has, located in the center of Vălenii de Munte


  • the Zamfira Monastery (1719-1743), the only work "in fresco" of the great Romanian painter Nicolae Grigorescu, between 1856-1857, located in Lipanesti


  • The lakes Baia Baciului and Baia Rosie for treating various diseases, along with Hotel Slănic which has a based treatment tradition, in Slănic


  • the Mount Ciucaş with its many marked hiking trails, but which can be practiced with the bbike only in places. It can be accessed especially from the Cheia road to Brasov


  • The Crasna Monastery (sec. XVIII) which houses an iconostasis with gold leaf, that has been made in Vienna in 1853, located in the village Izvoarele


  • The Cheia Monastery (sec. XVII) with the church (1835-1839) and ecclesiastical museum and The Suzana Monastery  (1740) with the church St. Nicholas (1880-1882) with original paintings and ecclesiastical museum, accessed from the Cheia-Brasov road


  • The Roman camp from Drajna , where they have found bricks with inscriptions "Legion I Italica", "Legion V Macedonica" and "Legion XI Claudia Pia Fidelis" and tiles, pieces of glass, arrowheads, Dacian swords, coins.



  • Eating the warm plate at Cabana Ciucaş with specific products from the area, made ​​in their own kitchen with a cup of mulled wine and a portion of papanaşi (a type of donut with sweet cheese) with blueberry jam and cream


  • To taste Feteasca Neagra at the Seciu Cellar in Boldeşti-Scăeni


  • Eating a fresh trout from the trout farm in Izvoarele


  • To see how to make glass products at the Romblast factory in Păuleşti


  • Have fun at the local clubs


  • To participate at the Festival of Plum Brandy in Vălenii de Munte (plum brandy - traditional drink distilled from fermented plums)

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