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Doftana Valley

The Doftana Valley is known for its traditions and traditional products, but also as very good area for relaxing.

If you get in the area do not miss:


  • the Brebu architectural complex with the Princely House of Constantine Brancoveanu from Brebu


  • The lake and the dam Paltinul, whose color is azure green all year round, located in The Doftana Valley


  • The ruins of the Doftana former prison - prison where Ceausescu was imprisoned in Telega


  • The Doftana lake, which was formed in an ancient salt mining in Telega


  • The Water Baths Telega - because of the chlorosodic water, the water baths ranks second in Europe and fifth in the world in terms of contribution to the healing of many diseases


  • To ride the bike on the mountain paths


  • Eating Caşcavea (a specific type of cheese), urdă (type of cheese, crumbly and sweet), bellows cheese (slightly pungent and salty type of cheese), sheep pastrami, stuffed cabbage (minced meat, especially pork, rice and other vegetables and spices wrapped in cabbage or vine pickled), brine fish or sponge cake (prepared sweet of flour, yeast, milk, eggs stuffed with walnuts and cocoa) and drink red wine from Dealul Mare and plum brandy (traditional drink made ​​from distilling fermented plums)


  • To participate in September at Cascavel Festival in the Doftana Valley or at Sweetness Festival in Brebu


  • To go to the sheepfold, to see how sheeps are grown and how to prepare traditional products from sheep's milk

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