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In Romania and Prahova it is worth to know the local customs and traditions which particularize the area and are based on both Christian and pagan celebrations. Depending on the historical areas of Romania, you will find differences between traditions in the same period of the year, so in Prahova you get to know the habits from Muntenia.


Depending on the time of the year when you come to us, we recommend you to see or experience the local traditions:


  • January - to watch the carols of St. Vasile, Pluguşorul and Sorcova, the Baptism of the houses and the people living in them, to get holy water on Epiphany, to find your half, unless you're married and to enjoy St. John


  • February - to celebrate the Romanian version of St. Valentine, Dragobetele on February 24


  • March - to wear as a talisman Mărţişorul, to choose your one day as Baba (old woman) between March 1 to 8, to eat martyrs and drink 40 glasses of wine on March 9


  • April - to fool or be tricked on April 1, to dodge the undead on the night of April 22 to 23, before St George


  • May - to adorn the doors of houses with green branches and admire the nature full of freshness and color


  • In April-June are more celebrations related to Easter, the most important holiday of Christianity - The Passover, Palm Sunday, Holy Week, Thomas Sunday, Ascension, Descent of St. Spirit and St. Trinity - Pentecost when you can find power and significance of prayer, Resurrection candle, red eggs, almsgiving of Pentecost


  • June - to celebrate Dragaica, "Summer Cap" or Birth of St. John the Baptist and to collect and holy "Sânzienele", herbal medicines which protects you from all evils. After St. Peter, June 29, you can eat apples.


  • July - on St. Elias, 20 July, people are harvesting the herbs employed in spells and charms, eat honey and apples


  • August - is the month of changing the vestments, it begins to be chilly. On the Pobreajen, August 6, we must reconcile with each other. On August 15, on St. Great Mary, we go to church in white clothes and eat sanctified grapes


  • September - try jam on Holy Virgin Mary, September 8, and wine from Dealu Mare on the Cross Day, September 14, but do not eat aliments that bear the cross:  garlic, nuts, fish etc.


  • October - participating in the fairs on St. Paraskevi, on 14 October, to taste and buy cheese products and sheep's meat products. On St. Dumitru, loose compacts and participate in the commemoration of the dead in a church


  • November - November 8 celebrates St. Archangels Michael and Gabriel, who are "keepers of people from birth to death," and on November 30 St. Andrew, the equivalent of Halloween. Now put the sprouted wheat and as it grow up you'll find out if the New Year coming will be good or not.


  • December - on December 6, on Saint Nicholas you get sweets if you've been good or a stick if you were bad; on December 20, on the Ignat, try to eat "sacrifice of the pig",  on 24 and 25 December receive children with "Christmas Eve" and carols and give them pretzels and nuts, and on December 31 receives carolers with Pluguşorul.

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