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In Prahova you can find several representative museums for Romania. 


If you get here we invite you to visit:


  • the entire Peles complex -  in Top 10 most beautiful castles in the world, summer residence of the dynasty of Romania, between sec. XIX-XX (French daily "Le Figaro", 2010), in Sinaia


  • The Julia Haşdeu Castle - spiritualist temple at the foot of the Carpathians, in Campina


  • The Clock Museum - unique in Romania, Ploiesti


  • The Oil Museum - unique in Romania, Ploiesti


  • The Memorial Museum George Enescu, the Romanian composer who first joined the universal cultural heritage and wrote the Romanian Rhapsody that contains the song Ciocârlia, located in Sinaia


  • The Nicolae Grigorescu Memorial Museum, the first of the founders of modern Romanian painting, located in Campina.


  • The Posada Hunting Museum, which houses an impressive collection of trophies (2400 pieces), works of art, with hunting specific or utility


  • The Museum of History and Archaeology presents local history; coins and medals cabinets; traces of the Getae civilization and of the first millenium d.Chr. in Prahova, located in Ploiesti


  • The Art Museum Ploiesti houses paintings by N. Tonitza, N. Grigorescu, S. Luchian, T. Pallady famous Romanian painters of the nineteenth century and the twentieth century and is structured on different collections: paintings, graphics, sculpture and decorative art.


  • The I.L. Caragiale Museum present the image of the largest Romanian playwright, whose works have been translated and interpreted in countries like France, Japan, Spain, Italy and Belgium and is located in Ploiesti.


  • The Memorial Museum Nichita Stanescu presents the life of  the greatest poet in Prahova," the poet of the non-words" of Romania  who took the "Award for the youngest poet" - Struga, Macedonia, 1965; "Gottfried von Herder Patent and Medal" - 1976; Grand Prix "Golden Wreath" - Struga 1982. The museum is located in Ploiesti.


  • The 1777 Wine Museum which reconstructs an old cellar with the tools used in 1777 for grapes and turning them into wine located in Valea Călugărească


  • The Brebu architectural complex with the Princely House of Constantine Brancoveanu, in Brebu


  • The National Missionary School Queen Mary with the Religious Art Museum and the Museum of Ethnography of the Teleajenului Valley, which will help you to enter into the atmosphere of the place and see what concerns people of the Teleajenului Valley had and still has, located in the center of Vălenii de Munte


  • The Cantacuzino Castle, built at the begging of the XXth century by Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino, said "Nababul" because of his impressive wealth, is a grandiose building and its park is one of the most beautiful in the Prahova Valley, in the town of Buşteni


  • The Salt Museum, former chancellor of the mine from Slănic, the Cămărăşiei House (sec. XVIII) presents the history of salt in the area.


Other museums : : Ploieşti, Câmpina, Breaza, Sinaia, Buşteni, Vălenii de Munte, Cheia, Drajna, Valea Doftanei, Târgşoru Vechi, Bucov, Valea Călugărească, Urlaţi

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