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Recommended circuits

In Prahova, there are 3 main thematic roads that are recommended:


The Wine Road


In Prahova, The Wine Road republish an older segment of the wine road used by the Romans, who traversed Europe. It goes through the famous vineyards of the county and includes stops at mansions, royal courts and monasteries.


The road cross the localities of Filipeştii de Târg, Băicoi, Boldeşti, Bucov, Pleaşa, Valea Călugărească, Iordăcheanu, Urlaţi, Ceptura, Fântânele, Tohani, Gura Vadului, Călugăreni.


The wineries where you cand make wine tastings are : The Seciu Wine Cellar (Boldesti), IC-DVV Valea Calugareasca, The Urlateanu Manor (Urlati), The Rotenberg Wine Cellar, The SERVE Wine Cellar (Ceptura), The Tohani Fields, The Oenoterra Wine Cellar from Dealu Mare (Tohani). Besides the wine cellars, you can taste wine at Conacul dintre Vii (Urlati), Feteasca Neagra (Albesti Paleologu) and at the Rhein Cellars (Azuga).


The Voivodes Road


The Voivodes Road promotes cultural, historical, architectural monuments, opening the opportunity for all to learn directly from the source where the  history lasts through archaeological sites and architectural monuments, the  impressive past of Prahova. The project ‘’ Voivodes Road "is ongoing and when completed it will travel the localities Ciorani, Drăgăneşti, Gheorghe, Balta Doamnei, Gorgota, Tinosu, Brazi, Târgsoru Vechi, Aricestii Rahtivani, Filipeştii de Targ, toward Targoviste, Dâmboviţa, and following the major areas where archaeological findings have been made and where there are architectural monuments of national interest.


The Fruits Road


Located in the north of the county,the road connects 18 localities of Prahova and scored 28 tourist stops. On the „Fruits Road” you can enter into the world of the village community, you can participate on the festivals and traditions of the place, you can enter in the crafstmen workshops where you can learn something about their art, wandering the hills and the orchards. This road is an adventure in the middle of the nature.

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