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The Nicolae Grigorescu Memorial Museum

The Nicolae Grigorescu Memorial Museum is the last workshop of the painter Nicolae Grigorescu, the first of the founders of modern Romanian painting,who was a colleague of Renoir in 1861 at the School of Belle-Art,he exhibited at the "the Universal Exhibition" in Paris since 1867, and during 1879-1890 he worked mainly in France, at Vitré and Paris.


The building that houses the museum is where the great painter had lived in his final years, 1904-1907, this also being his last workshop. He retired in Campina together with his family: his wife, Maria Danciu, and his son, George Grigorescu.He chose the city for its patriarchal air, especially for the surroundings of a matchless beauty : Prahova shores, surrounded by hills covered with specific vegetation, endless blue sky, elements that we often encounter in his paintings from this period.The museum houses an impressive collection of works belonging to the great painter.


The exterior of the house is dominated by wooden terrace that stretches on the entire length of the floor, giving it a warm and intimate air, and reminiscent of the turrets of Romanian peasant's houses. The terrace is supported by elegant wooden consoles.


When entering in the lobby, the warmth of the atmospherecaptures you - and it will accompany you throughout the whole house. The wooden staircase invites you to the next floor.


Under the staircase there is an exotic corner, composed by various objects with oriental invoice collected by the painter in Istanbul in 1873 : carpets, weapons, utensils, tables and boxes for storing various precious items, robes, slippers, a hookah. The atmosphere is captured in a painting of the artist, which is placed here.


The first room on the ground floor, the one on the right of the entrance, it was the living room where he held discussions with his friends: B. Delavrancea, Al. Vlahuta, G. Cosbuc, O. Goga, dr. C. I. Istrati.The latter was the one who encouraged, during the life of the painter, the idea of ​​a museum named "Nicolae Grigorescu".This room hosts one of the large size versions of "Carul cu boi".


The library now houses modest pieces of furniture, as he likedall to be, nice and modest, and various from those about the Greek and Latin Antiquity to French literature from the XVIth - XVIIIth centuries.Portraits of family members, pastors and peasants, and Grigorescian landscapes with which we are used, dominates the walls of this room.


The artist's workshop is a room well lit and generous on space diversity, which still retains on an easel one of the last artist's works, unfinished:„La izvor”.The walls are loaded by Grigorescu's  paintings:: „Autoportret”, „Apus de soare la Barbizon”, „Păstoriţă stând”, „Ciobănaş cu turma”, „Care cu boi trecând un vad” etc.


Address: Câmpina, Bd. Carol I, nr. 108

Phone number: Tel: 0244.335.598


Visiting hours: Tuesday - Sunday 9:00-17:00

Visiting costs: 8 Lei

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